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One of the many strengths of keeping testimony at the center of the learning process is that with the breadth of testimony in the Visual History Archive, education can be relevant to teachers and students around the world—making global education, local education.

Explore new IWitness resources made specifically for local educational needs across environments and geographical spaces :

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IWitness in the Classroom

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    Stand by or Stand up Video Journal
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    Dare to be Different
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    Wash, Rinse, Don't Repeat: Racial Profiling
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    Each Story Matters

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IWitness Video Challenge

The USC Shoah Foundation and IWitness invite students from all over North America to take the IWitness Video Challenge. Be inspired by the testimonies in IWitness; develop insight into the opportunities for positive change in your community; and get motivated to act to promote social value and make the world a better place.

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Comments from the IWitness Community

IWitness in Action: Teachers Share Their Stories

“As a 27 year teaching veteran, it excites me to see [IWitness]. I wish it had been there when I was still in the classroom with gifted students! Thank you for offering such a powerful "voice" to history that is so distant for students today.” - Candace Shivley, Director of K-12 Initiatives, The Source for Learning

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