IWitness Armenian Genocide Education Program


Featured AGBU
    • eug3ucwMvkc Judith Saryan -- Zabel Yessayan: A Brave New Voice
    • SenLTTH5vLQ Khatchig Mouradian: Aleppo & the Impact of the Syrian War on Armenian Communities
    • ZWu-2Iam9Io Laure Marchand, Guillaume Perrier: Sevan Nişanyan
    • uKTeDC5jyCk Vahé Tachjian: AGBU in Soviet Armenia, 1922-1937
    • p4SoINAfto0 Raymond Kévorkian: The Foundations of AGBU
    • bdPcyYyf0v0 Richard Hovannisian: Leadership of the First Republic
    • y6OMEb59w8w Bilgin Ayata: A Chance for Reconciliation in Diyarbakir
    • ezDRPo4g1FY Armenity: Armenia at the 2015 Venice Biennale
    • i3sSwZ3tDFo Şahan Arzruni: Armenian Influence on the Music of Alan Hovhaness
    • V085eTkdxns Richard Hovannisian: Reflections on the First Republic
    • TNnszvAMl5c Laure Marchand, Guillaume Perrier: The Armenian Ghost in Turkey
    • gvVP3UZBwoo Raymond Kévorkian: The Political Atmosphere Preceding the Genocide
    • LmTuN9IGWOk Raymond Kévorkian: The Events of April 24, 1915
    • xeDMqDNM6Mk Geoffrey Robertson: The Importance of Genocide Recognition
    • ZFj_U94_1X8 Hannibal Travis: Defining an Undeniable Genocide
    • 3_WDieellYg Zulal: Armenian Women: Voices Through Song
    • 3JCwC6B2VDs Geoffrey Robertson: Freedom of Speech vs. Genocide Denial Laws
    • VnNg2bgyXoo Laure Marchand, Guillaume Perrier: Hrant Dink
    • HyhyjEcZ_Fo Raymond Kevorkian: The AGBU Nubarian Library
    • uzatvOTMJj8 Israel Charny: Psychology of Denial
    • Yi593kA-lm8 Richard Hovannisian: Pioneering Armenian Studies
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Using Graphic Organizers With Testimony
Choose from these graphic organizers to support students comprehension and listening skills while listening to testimony.
  1. Compare/Contrast Topics
  2. Compare/Contrast Sources
  3. Locating and Analyzing Textual Evidence
  4. Testimony as Primary Source Critical Analysis
  5. Critical Analysis with SOAPSTone