Righteous Among the Nations

 Echoes & Reflections
Grade Level:
  7 -  12
Estimated completion time:
 1.5 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
 Common Core, ISTE NETS
Subject Area:
 English Language Arts, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Social Studies

This activity explores the concept of rescue through the lens of the Righteous Among the Nations. First, students will consider the act of rescue and the qualifications that must be met in order to be declared Righteous. Following this introduction, students will view testimonies of rescuers and those who were rescued. Next, they will view testimonies of individuals who have been declared Righteous, as well as a testimony of an individual who was saved by a Righteous Gentile. Students create a poem or collage which addresses the following:

What does it mean to be declared "Righteous Among the Nations"?

The activity can be used alone or as an extension to Echoes & Reflections' Lesson 7: Rescuers and Non-Jewish Resistance. Find more info on upcoming Echoes and Reflections professional development programs here.

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