Digital Essay Project

 USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Level:
  University -  University
Estimated completion time:
 10 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
 TBD By Instructor
Subject Area:
 History, Freshman Seminar, Genocide Studies, Media & Digital Literacy, World History

This activity is designed for college and university students using IWitness to construct digital essay projects. Sample prompts and activity assignments (including courses on Modern Europe, History, Genocide Studies, and Literature) are available for download in the Took Kit under the Educator tab.

In this activity, students begin by considering the content and meaning of visual history testimony and reflecting on its relevance to their own coursework. Students will then research and collect clips and ethically edit their own testimony-based film. The films should meaningfully inform audiences about a specific theme(s) determined by the instructor. Finally, students will have the opportunity to examine the strengths, weaknesses, and takeaway questions from their own film and those of their classmates.

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