Heroic Women During the Armenian Genocide - Found Poetry

Grade Level:
  9 -  10
Estimated completion time:
 3 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
Subject Area:
 Character Education, Social Studies, Literature, History, English Language Arts, Humanities, Language and Composition, Media & Digital Literacy, World History, Armenian Genocide

Inspired by the AGBU WebTalks video, “The Role of Armenian Women During the Genocide,” this activity asks students to explore a part of history that is seldom told. Students will learn about women who played a critical role in humanitarian relief, resistance and cultural preservation efforts during the Armenian Genocide and its aftermath. Furthermore, students will identify a clip(s) of testimony from a survivor or witness of the Armenian Genocide that tells the story of a woman who demonstrates heroism, create a found poem based on that story, and present their work in a video essay. By the end of this activity, students will have a better understanding of the diverse roles women played during a time when life, culture and generational lineage were at stake.

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