Growing up 'Behind the Barbed Wire' of Auschwitz

 USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Level:
  9 -  12
Estimated completion time:
 1 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
 Common Core, ISTE NETS
Subject Area:
 History, English Language Arts, European History, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Humanities, Media & Digital Literacy, World History, Auschwitz: The Past is Present

Students will consider what life was like for children in Auschwitz by studying the iconic image of the children standing behind the barbed wire fence following the liberation of Auschwitz and listening to testimonies of some of the children in the photo.

The Auschwitz camp complex, established in 1940, consisted of concentration, extermination, and labor camps. For clarity, in IWitness activities, Auschwitz is used to refer to the main camp; Auschwitz-Birkenau or Birkenau refers to the extermination center; and Auschwitz-Monowitz or Monowitz refers to the labor camp.

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