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  • Inspiring Respect through Testimony
    Inspiring Respect through Testimony
    Bring the new resources from this initiative into your classroom.
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    Explore the themes covered by Ways to Inspire Respect.
  • Reflections on Respect
    Reflections on Respect Series
    Watch experts from different fields respond to testimony with their reflections.
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Connections Videos
Teaching with Testimony
Teaching with Testimony

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About the Initiative -- The Basics

Ways to Inspire Respect empowers students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions they need to counter hatred and indifference in their daily lives. By engaging with the stories of survivors and witnesses of genocide, students confront the difficult reality of hate, and forge connections with real people who experienced and overcame it. In humanizing these individuals, educators can inspire their students to respect all people, and to take action as responsible participants in their communities.

The library of materials on this page will be regularly updated, ensuring teachers a growing and consistently relevant collection of easily accessible testimony-based resources. Whether you are in a classroom, leading an extracurricular program, or a community project, Ways to Inspire Respect can support your work.

We offer a variety of professional development opportunities, both face-to-face and online. The Ways to Inspire Respect professional development series will help educators approach real-world issues, such as those related to classroom climate and the roles and responsibilities of individuals in bringing about positive change. Click here to learn more. To bring a professional development opportunity to your school, district, or community, please contact us.

For the first 100 days following the inauguration of America's 45th president, IWitness released a new testimony-based resource every day in a program called 100 Days to Inspire Respect. While this program was designed to support educators' needs during a politically sensitive time, many of the same troubling social and educational trends remain, and still need to be addressed.

To this end, we offer Ways to Inspire Respect -- an evolution of the 100 Days to Inspire Respect program that will empower educators and students worldwide.

Themes addressed in Ways to Inspire Respect include the following:

  • Countering Hatred, Intolerance, and Violent Extremism
  • Defending Civil and Human Rights
  • Building Community and Inspiring Respect
  • Fostering Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Standing Up to Indifference
  • Courage, Resilience, and Civic Responsibility

Check back here soon to learn more about our plans for this exciting new program.

In this series of short videos, experts view and reflect on clips of testimony. Their insights explore how respect can help overcome hatred and indifference. The Reflections on Respect series also provides students with authentic examples that show how to effectively interpret, annotate, and respond to primary source materials.

Teacher Tips for Use of Expert Series Videos in the Classroom