Echoes and Reflections Teacher's Resource Guide


Welcome! IWitness can be used as an online companion to Echoes and Reflections. Educators who use the Echoes and Reflections Teacher's Resource Guide will find that IWitness can enhance and expand your opportunities to use visual history testimony with your students.

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IWitness enables you to:

  • View all testimony clips and the biographic profiles of the Holocaust survivors and other witnesses featured in Echoes and Reflections
  • Search and watch more than 1,000 video testimonies of survivors and other witnesses including the 51 testimonies in Echoes and Reflections
  • Provide a framework for your students to build multiliteracy skills
  • Assign interactive online activities that align with Echoes and Reflections
  • Develop your own customized student activities using the IWitness Activity Builder
  • Empower your students to construct their own multimedia projects using the IWitness video editor
  • Invite your students and other teachers to join the IWitness community

Echoes and Reflections is an award-winning multimedia curriculum on the Holocaust developed by the Anti-Defamation League, the USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem. For more information about Echoes and Reflections and to purchase the curriculum, visit

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