IWitness is an educational website developed by USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education that provides access to more than 1,500 full life histories, testimonies of survivors and witnesses to the Holocaust and other genocides for guided exploration. IWitness brings the human stories of the Institute's Visual History Archive to secondary school teachers and their students via engaging multimedia-learning activities. Designed to be participatory, academic and student-driven, IWitness addresses education standards from the Common Core State Standards Initiative (United States) and the International Society for Technology in Education, among others.

You can watch a short video demonstration of IWitness here.


IWitness enables educators and their students to watch, search, edit, and share video, images, and other content within a secure, password-protected space. IWitness is available over the Internet. No software to download and install.

Designed for Educators

IWitness is designed to be flexible and provide educators a variety of ways to integrate video testimony into their curriculum. Because it is available over the Internet, educators can use IWitness inside and outside of the classroom. Educators can have their students use IWitness for homework or they can choose to highlight short clips to use in their lessons. They can even incorporate IWitness as a semester-long experience, involving in-classroom activities and student-authored video projects. Educators can also develop their own activities specific to their own subject areas and interests using the IWitness Activity Builder.

  • Teacher Support

    - IWitness includes features for teachers, including guidelines for using Holocaust survivor and witness testimony in education. The guidelines offer practical information and tips about how to integrate video testimony into classroom lessons and projects.

  • Secure Student Moderation

    - Teachers who assign students an activity using IWitness will be able to view student projects in a secure and contained "classroom" within the IWitness site that is personal to the student and can only be viewed and assessed by the teacher.

  • Student-Centered Learning

    - Students have the opportunity to use technology to become more active learners while encountering survivors and other eyewitnesses talking about their experiences before, during and after the Holocaust. This application empowers them to participate in their own learning by providing them with the tools to think critically, investigate, develop projects, analyze, and collaborate with others.

  • Educational Standards

    - This application responds to the demand to build multi-literacies skills and responsible digital citizenship among educators and students. To this end, among the many curricular standards it will incorporate, this resource aligns with standards offered by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) (www.iste.org).

Relating History to Real Lives

IWitness is a leading-edge tool for the classroom that features the life stories of citizens from many countries and their experiences as survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust. These are personal narratives that provide students the opportunity to understand the impact that historical events have on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

If you have additional questions about IWitness, you may find it helpful to visit our FAQ page. If you would like to contact the USC Shoah Foundation, please visit our Contact Page.

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