Non-Violent Resistance among Jews during the Holocaust

 Florida Holocaust Museum
Grade Level:
  9 -  12
Estimated completion time:
 1 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
 Common Core, Florida Standards, ISTE-NETS
Subject Area:
 History, English Language Arts, European History, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, World History, Social Studies

In this activity, students will analyze examples of non-violent resistance, to better understand the complexity of resistance efforts, the importance of individual decisions to resist and the impact of those actions. This activity challenges two common misconceptions: that there was no resistance among Jews and that the only form of resistance was armed resistance.

While working with video testimonies of Holocaust survivors, students will be encouraged to draw lessons that are applicable in their own lives.

Students will work with primary sources (i.e., video testimonies of Holocaust survivors Helen Fagin and Sam Schryver) as well as images and secondary sources (e.g., the USHMM's Holocaust Encyclopedia articles, biographies, glossary).

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