Use Your Voice

 USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Level:
  5 -  8
Estimated completion time:
 3 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
 Common Core: RI.5.1; RI.5.2; RI.5.6; SL.5.4. ISTE NETS 1a-d, 2a-d, 3a-d, 4a-d, 5a-d, 6a-d
Subject Area:
 Character Education, Social Studies, Ethics, Language and Composition, Media & Digital Literacy, Diversity Studies

This activity engages students in learning about the meaning of prejudice, a behavior that is often related to bullying.

Students will listen to the pre-World War II experiences of prejudice against four Jewish men and women, who later survived the Holocaust. Through these testimonies, students will learn about the manifestations and effects of prejudice. This learning will support students' understanding of the broader issues of individual responsibility and the consequences of our actions.

Students are required to construct a poster in which they raise awareness about prejudice, its effects and its dangers.

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