Info Quest: Dr. Ruth Westheimer

 USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Level:
  5 -  6
Estimated completion time:
 0.75 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
Subject Area:
 English Language Arts, Character Education, Social Studies

In this activity, students learn about the life history of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a well-known therapist -- and a survivor of the Holocaust. Through analysis and reflection on testimony and other source material, students can begin to learn about the Holocaust, its impact on individuals and communities and its lessons and legacy. This activity asks students to draw on Dr. Ruth's testimony to help them understand their own life experiences and in the end, help students develop courage and resilience.

Note: this activity can be assigned to students to complete either before or after reading Dr. Ruth's graphic novel, Roller-Coaster Grandma: The Amazing Story of Dr. Ruth (Apples & Honey Press, February 1, 2018). This activity provides valuable audiovisual testimony to supplement student learning.

Visit the IWitness page for Ruth: A Little Girl's Big Journey to find an interactive ebook of Roller-Coaster Grandma.

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