Virtues of Justice - Using One's Voice: Mindful Explorations

 USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Level:
  9 -  12
Estimated completion time:
 0.67 hour(s)
Standards Addressed:
 CCSS. ELA-Literacy. CCRA. W10.
Subject Area:
 Character Education, English Language Arts, Advisory

Mindful Explorations serve as short daily activities that develop introspection and social-emotional learning. Students are asked to reflect on the challenges they may face, the goals they have for themselves and the relationships they aspire to have in their lives. Each lesson contains an opening focus question, three 10-minute activities with clips of testimony, and a closing reflection question.

In this activity, students are asked to reflect on their ideas about using their voice against injustice.

This activity contains testimony from Floyd Dade, Naomi Adler and Theary Seng.

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