National Winner - 2018

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    IWitness Video Challenge ~ Stronger Than Hate

    by: FanXuan Peng

    "Where Do Your Roots Lie" is an Immigration Timeline that brings awareness to the ongoing struggles faced by immigrant students and their families. Not only does the timeline showcase the similarities between the discrimination against different groups regardless of their race, but also the breadth of their own immigrant heritage.

    Northside College Prep, Chicago, IL

    Group: Dreamers

    Educator: Charles Milbert

National Winner - 2017

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    Who are You?: Embracing Identity in Our Community By Alana Chandler, Yu Jing Chen, and Natalia Wang

    by: Alana Chandler

    Our project began with a discussion of identity in our club and how genocides are crimes of identity in the way that people are ostracized simply for who they are. This project quickly developed into identity maps in which members of our community visually depicted defining characteristics of their identity to be displayed around the school, so that people could take a moment to learn about the identities of others in their community and internalize their own. What sparked the action of this project was a lack of dialogue on individual uniqueness, especially in a rising political climate of hate. The words of Haig Baronian remind us of the fragile vulnerability in which identities can be used against others in a harmful manner or cause one to hide it, so our project aims to have our community celebrate their identity instead. We began this vital discussion of identity with our project, and it has become one that passerbys and participants continue to have. Our project reminded our peers, from those that were ashamed of certain parts of their identity to those that were teased or bullied for who they are, that they mattered and that it is beautiful to be different. Featured in this video are participants of the project and students at our school.

    Walter Payton College Prep, Chicago, IL

    Group: Helping Paws

    Educator: Matt Silvia

National Winner - 2016

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    Community of Poetry

    by: Maya Montell

    The story of the Poets Undercover Guild, a society created by a two eighth grade students to build communities in the school through poetry. Featured in the video are the founders and some of the members this organization.

    Readington Middle School, Raritan, NJ

    Group: 8th grade enrichment

    Educator: Emily Bengels

National Winner - 2015

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    iWitness Video Project

    by: Natalia Podstawka

    Douglas High School, East Douglas, MA

    Group: Class of 2019

    Educator: Lisa Farese

National Winner - 2014

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    Voices of Our Journey

    by: Ruth Hernández

    Nueva Esperanza, Philadelphia, PA

    Group: Advisory's Awesome: Super Stars

    Educator: Eden Strunk