2020 - 2021 Professional Development Opportunities

Wednesday August 05, 2020

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Our webinars provide an in-depth and interactive approach to learning how to teach with testimony across the curriculum. Education specialists and trainers lead each webinar.

Webinars are available at no cost and are open to all. Every webinar is available on-demand.

Participants who attend live webinars or view webinar recordings receive a Certificate of Completion.

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"…if you can't read or write or do your computational skills, you're in trouble. You can become a victim, or you might make someone else a victim in your ignorance." - Leon Bass, Liberator  

Students need to develop critical literacy to examine the world around them with curiosity and a critical eye to be #StrongerThanHate. Testimony-based resources in IWitness inspire student inquiry, activate their prior knowledge, validate their experience, and evolve their understanding through reflective, analytical and evaluative inquiries. This type of critical literacy is transformative and can lead students to discover their sense of agency to act and make a difference. This year's IWitness professional development will present testimony-based strategies for fostering multiple critical literacies in your students.


Professional Development Webinar


Emotional Literacy

Mindful Explorations on IWitness 

Available On-Demand


Historical Literacy

Historical Literacy and the Human Story 

September 17, 2020
4pm PT


Critical Racial Literacy

Critical Racial Literacy Through Personal Stories

October 15, 2020 
4pm PT


Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy and IWitness 

November 5, 2020 
4pm PT


Artistic Literacy

Artistic Literacy and the Human Story

December 3, 2020 
4pm PT

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