On-Demand Student Webinars

Thursday April 02, 2020

In March, we began offering a series of virtual student experiences that turned some of our Mindful Exploration lessons into 40-minute online interactive modules. These webinars are now available on-demand.

Mindful Explorations serve as short, daily activities that develop introspection and social-emotional learning in students.

Guided by two IWitness educators, each module is standards aligned. As students listen to and engage with audiovisual testimony, they will reflect on the challenges they may face, the goals they have for themselves, and the relationships they aspire to have in their lives.

We encourage you to have your students register for one or for all six of the modules. Upon their completion of each 40-minute lesson, students will be able to download a Certificate of Participation.

Your students must register for each recording they want to watch.

To register, simply click on the images below:

Overcoming Obstacles Part 1

Overcoming Obstacles Part 2

Overcoming Obstacles Part 3

Resilience Part 1

Resilience Part 2

Resilience Part 3

Gratitude Part 2


 Resilience in Times of Change

On-Demand Leadership

On-Demand Teamwork

On-Demand Voice

April was Genocide Awareness Month. In commemoration of this, we held two special student webinars:

10 Stages of Genocide

Armenian Genocide

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