Jojo Rabbit wins Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2020 Academy Awards

Monday February 10, 2020
Taika Waititi directs Roman Griffin Davis. Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures.
We are so pleased that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized Jojo Rabbit with the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. USC Shoah Foundation is so proud to partner with this wonderful film in the creation of classroom curricula that harness the power of this anti-hate satire. Films like Jojo Rabbit can help us start important conversations in an effort to be stronger than hate.

"It's extremely important [to have] young people watching things like this and watching a wide array of films with different tones that deal with [the Holocaust, propaganda, humor and satire]… ‘Jojo' might resonate with certain younger people more than a more dramatic telling of that story. I think it's great to have comedies and dramas and musicals with these sorts of subjects." - Taika Waititi

Learn more about bringing an IWitness curriculum around Jojo Rabbit to a classroom near you.

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