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Monday April 06, 2020

IWitness University harnesses the power of testimony to help post-secondary educators promote students' 21st-century skills in their classrooms and teach a broad array of subjects in an authentic, primary source-driven learning environment.

Based on USC Shoah Foundation's educational methodology, this program: 

- Promotes students' self-reflection and helps them get a sense of their own place in the world
- Is grounded in research and outcomes-based

- Is localized to meet the needs of educators

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Digital Essay Project 

In this activity, students begin by considering the content and meaning of visual history testimony and reflecting on its relevance to their own coursework. Students will then research and collect clips and ethically edit their own testimony-based film.  

Humanizing the 'Other' 

In this activity, students will learn about the origins and experiences of dehumanization and othering and extrapolate universal experiences found in specific testimonies. 

Reflection and Action on Campus Diversity 

This module addresses various forms of discrimination and prejudice, the role of the bystander, and how to take action on campus to create inclusive and prejudice-free environments. 

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