Comments from the IWitness Community

“As a 27 year teaching veteran, it excites me to see [IWitness]. I wish it had been there when I was still in the classroom with gifted students! Thank you for offering such a powerful "voice" to history that is so distant for students today.” - Candace Shivley, Director of K-12 Initiatives, The Source for Learning

“There is nothing more honest and real than hearing a person tell their story in their own words. IWitness allows students to meet survivors and experience history in a personal and life changing way. For this reason, this database will become a permanent part of my curriculum.” -Michelle Sadrena Clark, High Tech High School, San Marcos, CA

"I really appreciate your work. I have not come across such a powerful independent learning tool before." - Peter Morgan, Teacher, Year 9, Beverley Grammar School, United Kingdom

"IWitness is one of the greatest tools available for students' moral engagement." - Brandon Haas, Teacher, Freedom High School, Tampa, Florida

“I would like to continually support using and developing activities on IWitness. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IWITNESS!” - Sharon Wright, Teacher, Childersburg High School, Childersburg, Alabama

“On behalf of my students and myself. Thank [you] for all the precious info. You have given us hope to be sensitive and respectful enough to produce something meaningful.” - Toni D'Urbano and class 4A from Genoa, Italy

“IWitness is an invaluable resource.” - Lander Ari, Education Officer, Sydney Jewish Museum

“The ability to have access to the archive has given me an authentic, relevant and meaningful research opportunity unlike any other that I have engaged in during the past 18 years of teaching the Holocaust.” – Colleen Tambuscio, Teacher, New Milford High School, Milford, New Jersey

“Having a primary resource as valuable as Survivor Testimony made available to my students, allows them the opportunity to evaluate and understand on a different level the personal meaning and profound effect of the Holocaust.” – Hank Koransky, Teacher, Brentwood School, Los Angeles, CA

“If one of my students grows up to combat, more globally, the hatred and genocide that continues in the world today, the use of testimony has made a difference.” – Sandy Rubenstein, Teacher, Horace Mann School, New York, NY

“I’ve heard the students already saying that they went home and showed their parents (IWitness), and had conversations about it. That to me shows that they are confident with the medium. “ - Amanda Feeney, Teacher, Nagle College, Sydney, Australia

"IWitness is a wonderful source in and of itself, but knowing that such phenomenal support is available is what makes it easy to choose to use it in the classroom." - Victoria Kessler, Somerville High School, Somerville, NJ