IWitness for Jewish Education


Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education, in partnership with USC Shoah Foundation, has developed a new online curriculum – A Testimony-Based Study of the Holocaust. Designed specifically for Jewish educators, this curriculum, with its integrated testimony clips taken from USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive and the built-in multimedia IWitness Activities will offer learning possibilities and activities to the most diligent of students and the most accomplished of teachers. There is likely more than you may need, but the various types of materials will offer flexible access to appeal and relate to many ways of learning.

We are now in the transitional period between lived history and historical memory, yet we have the capacity to listen to those who were there and to experience the historical events they endured through their eyes, in their words. Nothing so personalizes the events of the Holocaust as listening to its survivors. Nothing makes the events more vivid, more comprehensible and more human than hearing their testimony.

Together we invite you to explore, listen, read, and learn.

Curriculum Introduction