IWitness for Jewish Education


  • Unit 1 - The World Before provides an overview of the richness and diversity of prewar Jewish life in both Eastern and Western Europe through activities and survivor testimony that reflect the dynamic life of European Jewry before the Holocaust.
  • Unit 2 - The Holocaust in Western Europe addresses unfolding events after the German invasion of Western European countries in 1940. As it illustrates different examples of German occupation it also highlights instances of hiding, rescue and resistance in Western Europe.
  • Unit 3 - The Holocaust in Eastern Europe – Ghettos and Deportation focuses on the beginning of WWII and the policy towards Jews in Eastern Europe, that led to the establishment of ghettos. By studying three different ghettos, students will gain an understanding of Nazi policy as well as the range of response to ghetto life by ghetto inhabitants and their Jewish leadership.
  • Unit 4 - “Final Solution” – Murder by Bullets & Death Camps is divided in two parts. The first part studies the change in Nazi policy towards the Jews after Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 and the “Final Solution” was concretized. The second part highlights the move from mobile killing squads to stationary death camps and provides examples of how some prisoners practiced Judaism in the camps.
  • Unit 5 describes the Death Marches and Liberation of concentration camps, including voices of survivors and reactions by liberating forces and Jewish chaplains.
  • Unit 6 - Return to Life highlights the rich Jewish life that emerged in displaced persons camps, survivors' migration decisions, as well as the response to survivors in the Jewish world.