We Share the Same Sky


We meet Rachael, the storyteller, and her grandmother, Hana Dubova. Rachael introduces us to what led her to recording her grandmother’s war story and how that turned into a decade-long journey to bring a family archive alive. (includes strong language)
Rachael takes us to Prague and into her grandmother’s childhood. We begin the history lesson with Hana overhearing news of the Munich Agreement and Hitler’s desire to take part of her country. As Hitler occupies the entirety of Czechoslovakia and WWII officially begins, Hana’s parents find a way for her to flee.
Rachael journeys to a Danish farm that belongs to the granddaughter of Jensine—Hana’s foster mother during the war. Throughout this time, Rachael experiences a deep loss of her own and it completely changes the way that she understands her grandmother’s story.
In this short episode, Rachael takes us to Sobibor—the site of the extermination camp where Hana’s family was deported to in 1942. (includes disturbing content)
In this episode, we learn about the heroic efforts of the rescue of the Danish Jews. The story is told through the eyes of Hana, Bent Melchior (the former chief rabbi of Denmark), and a family in Southern Sweden whose lives continue to be impacted by the rescue mission.
In this episode, we learn about Hana’s life in Sweden during the final years of the war. We then turn focus to the story of Moudi, a 27-year-old Syrian basketball player who sought refuge in Denmark after he was forced to flee his home in Damascus. (includes strong language)
In the final episode, Hana immigrates to America and is confronted by a different type of prejudice—racial injustice. Other themes that arise in this episode are the realities of survivor’s guilt and the responsibilities attached to passing stories from one generation to the next.