IWitness Armenian Genocide Education Program


Featured AGBU
    • 6KG-JB1ePdk Marcara Avanchintiz: Story of An Armenian Merchant
    • BozP3r6a2Q8 Armenia! at the Met: Three Highlights from the Exhibition
    • OAYoIdUgRt8 Armenian Art and Creative Exchange on Medieval Trade Routes
    • pT-Uy8u4wXM Armenia! at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • fd6XQ11zjC4 The Recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Belgium
    • _OzafJJA0qI The Genocide of the Pontic Greeks and Assyrians
    • y38oRrLz2bI The Phases of the Armenian Genocide of 1915
    • gAuxE9-4-Ns Dr. Helen Evans: Armenians in the Medieval World
    • 51cCThLM2Lc Zabel Yessayan: In The Ruins
    • GnV23h4OW3Q The History and Activities of the AGBU Nubar Library
    • 8BtzpMFuhw8 Aram Khatchadourian: Early Years
    • -60Q-gizU1I Survivors
    • ZjhPPO5UgpE The Changing Roles of Armenian Women in New Julfa
    • Con-3CKwv1U Zabel Yessayan: In the Gardens of Silihdar
    • hGUG4uzcHwM Datevik Hovanesian – Jazz in Soviet Armenia
    • Qh_-CtAnMr4 Hannibal Travis – Accountability and Justice
    • Vrx8BSe_JKo David Gaunt – The Assyrian Genocide
    • WYu8d1n7ZQY Geoffrey Robertson – An Inconvenient Genocide
    • E-K7Frm8Q-Y Hayk Demoyan – The Design and Symbolism of Tsitsernakaberd
    • Hmm3i-z8CF8 Christina Maranci – Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts
    • PBx6oP9e9eQ Asbed Kotchikian – Armenia’s Third Republic: Independence and Early Years
    • wlu6i5XXN_o Ina Baghdiantz McCabe – Armenian Merchants and the Origins of European Café Culture
    • vneFZPvbDWY Neery Melkonian – Armenity 2015: Exploring Armenian Identity in Contemporary Art of the Diaspora
    • exxkj1Zr4i4 Bilgin Ayata – The Kurdish Minority: From Perpetrator to Victim
    • 9u5zjyBv6-Y Zulal A Cappella Folk Trio – The Pagan Roots of Armenian Folk Music
    • OwSjEQDEpUU Israel Charny – The Generational Legacy of Genocide
    • MHjPzHsf1j4 Khatchig Mouradian – The Role of Armenian Women During the Genocide
    • 3_WDieellYg Zulal A Cappella Folk Trio – Armenian Women: Voices Through Song
    • eug3ucwMvkc Judith Saryan -- Zabel Yessayan: A Brave New Voice
    • SenLTTH5vLQ Khatchig Mouradian: Aleppo & the Impact of the Syrian War on Armenian Communities
    • ZWu-2Iam9Io Laure Marchand, Guillaume Perrier: Sevan Nişanyan
    • uKTeDC5jyCk Vahé Tachjian: AGBU in Soviet Armenia, 1922-1937
    • p4SoINAfto0 Raymond Kévorkian: The Foundations of AGBU
    • bdPcyYyf0v0 Richard Hovannisian: Leadership of the First Republic
    • y6OMEb59w8w Bilgin Ayata: A Chance for Reconciliation in Diyarbakir
    • ezDRPo4g1FY Armenity: Armenia at the 2015 Venice Biennale
    • i3sSwZ3tDFo Şahan Arzruni: Armenian Influence on the Music of Alan Hovhaness
    • V085eTkdxns Richard Hovannisian: Reflections on the First Republic
    • TNnszvAMl5c Laure Marchand, Guillaume Perrier: The Armenian Ghost in Turkey
    • gvVP3UZBwoo Raymond Kévorkian: The Political Atmosphere Preceding the Genocide
    • LmTuN9IGWOk Raymond Kévorkian: The Events of April 24, 1915
    • xeDMqDNM6Mk Geoffrey Robertson: The Importance of Genocide Recognition
    • ZFj_U94_1X8 Hannibal Travis: Defining an Undeniable Genocide
    • 3JCwC6B2VDs Geoffrey Robertson: Freedom of Speech vs. Genocide Denial Laws
    • VnNg2bgyXoo Laure Marchand, Guillaume Perrier: Hrant Dink
    • HyhyjEcZ_Fo Raymond Kevorkian: The AGBU Nubarian Library
    • uzatvOTMJj8 Israel Charny: Psychology of Denial
    • Yi593kA-lm8 Richard Hovannisian: Pioneering Armenian Studies
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Using Graphic Organizers With Testimony
Choose from these graphic organizers to support students comprehension and listening skills while listening to testimony.
  1. Compare/Contrast Topics
  2. Compare/Contrast Sources
  3. Locating and Analyzing Textual Evidence
  4. Testimony as Primary Source Critical Analysis
  5. Critical Analysis with SOAPSTone
Forced into Genocide is the memoir of Yervant N. Alexanian, an eyewitness to the massacre and dislocation of his family and countrymen in Ottoman Turkey during World War 1. Alexanian experienced the Armenian Genocide as a conscript in the Ottoman Turkish Army, giving him a unique perspective on the genocide that cannot be found in other literature. His memoir documents the cruelty of the genocide, as well as its rare, unexpected acts of humanity.