Schindler's List ~ 25th Anniversary

One person can make a difference and that person is you! This theme is at the heart of Schindler’s List and the Stronger Than Hate initiative from USC Shoah Foundation.

Discover flexible teaching tools from Schindler’s List education partners designed to accompany student screenings of the film later this fall.

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Stronger Than Hate

Explore resources which help students recognize and counter hatred by developing their empathy, curiosity and critical thinking.

Primary school: Lala
Secondary school: Activity Library
University: IWitness University

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What is IWitness?

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Eighth-Grade Class Inspired by IWitness to Highlight Good Deeds

Educator Lisa Farese’s classroom campaign – ignited by her students’ enthusiasm over the Institute’s “100 Days to Inspire Respect” IWitness initiative of last year – is called #180DaysToInspireRespect.
It has her students at Robert Adams Middle School in Massachusetts volunteering each day to present about acts of kindness they’ve witnessed, received, read and heard about.

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2018 Online Professional Development

Take part in this year's online professional development opportunities through IWitness. IWitness webinars are open to anyone. Webinars are led by education specialists and trainers at USC Shoah Foundation.

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